Social Data, Business Intelligence and AI to power your marketing & sales

Identity Mapping & People Profiling

Having quality data about the people you want to listen to, engage with or study Is the foundation for all our services.

Content indexing and Text mining (multi-lingual)

Beyond the static data from people profile, we structure, mine and analyze what people are talking about, trends, expressions and segment people by center of interests

Graph analytics and Network visualization

Social data is more than people and text, it is also connections. Using graph data we analyze connections in data and visualize networks (who follows who) and affinity maps (similarity between people)

Machine Learning and Predictive analytics

Data is messy. Machine learning, AI is the only approach to categorize people at scale and/or to spot key conversations.

Data and Insights for Marketers and Sales

We build best-in-class Intelligence software and reports for every situation, from our all-in-one Marketing Platform to Social Selling apps and Audience profiling reports

Find App

Lead generation database for Financial Advisors and People selling to affluents and high net worth individuals.

Connect App

Social Selling Application for Linkedin & Twitter. Identify the social profiles of your top prospects and let our AI engine spot opportunities to learn and connect!

Audience profiling

Profile your audience (followers, prospects ...), identify personas, analyze center of interest and spot micro influencers

Content Discovery

Discover content that is shared the most by your prospects. Identify the best articles to share and ideas for creating your own content. Spot news outlets and media your audience are reading and make better decisions on where to advertise/share promotional content.

Social Marketing

Profile and Listen to people in your target market. Understand who they are, what they talk about, what content & media they read the most and identify micro influencers.

AI & Data

Enrich your data with social/public data. Prototype and Build models for your sales and marketing projects.