" Employee Advocacy" for SEO, maybe not for everybody

One of our client (a B2B company that sells ~50K+ products and services to VPs of Sales in the US) told me  recently  that they were deploying an Employee Advocacy program with an objective (not the only one though) to  improve their SEO and get found on Google more easily. I see more and more […]

Socialselling works, only when done right

There are lots of positive buzz around social selling. However, most of the articles are fairly generic (works/ does not work …) and very few actually go into facts and data: in what situation does it work or not how to setup the right processes and metrics to generate a positive ROI. Having practiced social […]

Women, Unicorns and Entrepreneurs

Today is our compilation of some wonderful articles we read over the past week. Women and Money Control the $: In this article about Philanthropy, we discover that women now control more than 50% of the wealth in the USA. A number that is bound to increase. Get less $ from successful ventures: Here, we […]

Why social media will never be like mass media

Guest Post by Yann Gourvennec “Social mass media” is an oxymoron I first coined the “social mass media” phrase in a Hootsuite video a while back, more in jest than in earnest I have to admit. Social media has indeed been considered by (too) many professionals as a new means to apply their good old […]

Why the hell do people post their stats on Twitter?

I see people, quite a lot of them actually, that publish automatic tweets about their performance on Twitter. It could be: How I did on Twitter this week: 2 Mentions. How’d your week go? or Thanks to my top interactors! ….. and I don’t really see the point. First of all, Twitter, like any other […]

The difference between Social Selling & Social Network Selling

There is clearly a major shift to “Social Selling” ( yeah we know that) : at the expense of telemarketing and cold calling This is specially true in the US where people basically don’t answer the phone anymore. (Nicely highlighted by @michaelhlock from Hearsay Social) 1- Phone is intrusive, specially for the Millemials. Younger generations rely on […]

Why use eCairn for social media intelligence

Is possible many of you have stumbled into many social media marketing tools that offer to track influencers, audit your brand, do competitive research and share content among other things. Perhaps you have heard of Sysomos, Radian6, Klout and traakr. Our key differentiation is we group people with common interests that talk and share content […]