Bitcoin, ESG: two game changers for the wealth management market

In the last few years, we have witnessed two groundbreaking trends – Bitcoin and Social Responsible Investing – both of which have proven to fiercely shake up the wealth management marketplace. At this stage, it should be assumed that these trends are front of mind for every financial advisor – especially for those growing their […]

Finding Leads in Niche markets

Financial Advisors coaches/Business consultants seem to pretty agree on ONE thing: sustainable growth comes from focusing on a niche. There is only so much growth that an advisor can experience selling to his/her friends and “serendipity strategy” always ends up with an inconsistent client portfolio and a plateau. One of the challenges in a “niche” […]

Learning from the top Virologists

I don’t know about you but I find it very difficult to find what to read about the Coronavirus. So since we mapped ~8000 top virologists and organizations, we are using these people as a “filter” and focus on what they talk about the most and what they share in social media. Our assumption is […]


Webinar Summer Series

Grow Your Practice with Social Marketing For Financial Advisors In these three 20 minutes webinar series, we’ve squeezed a maximum of tips and practical insights to apply to your own social persona and outreach and take your social marketing to the next level.   INTRODUCTION Like your clients, your business needs a long-term growth strategy. […]

Data Collection Specialist

eCairn is seeking a highly motivated Data Collection Specialist (DCS) to join our data collection team in Bend (Oregon). The DCS will use eCairn backend software, partner search solutions, and search engines to mine the public social web and find & profile relevant prospects for our clients. The ideal candidate is organized, detail oriented, has […]

automated curation in social listening

How To Use Machine Learning To Listen to Affluents

It’s been some time! We’ve been busy the last year experimenting and then applying machine learning to the world of wealth management/financial advisors. It was tough and took us some time and in the end, it works pretty well, thanks to our great developers. So what a better way to resume blogging than sharing with […]

Personal Shopper Survey

We would like to evaluate the Personal Shopping market ! Thanks for helping us. We’ll send you a copy of the survey results once completed. Long story short 😉 – We are an elite social networking solution for people who sell to new affluents/ millennial affluents. – There are many Apparel/Luxury/Travel/Sport companies hiring Personal Shoppers […]

eCairn User Testimonials

  “How can I grow my business by attracting new clients?  That’s the question I’ve been asking ever since I started my own consulting company.  And I’m not alone.  Pretty much every professional I know asks these three questions:  What clients would I ideally like to work with?  Where are they?  And how do I […]