Sponsored posts: earning media through influencer marketing

In a study about social advertising published last May, Forrester evaluated the success of two widely used social media marketing strategies to promote brand awareness: organic posting (brand communication on owned media) and paid advertising. Two findings were of particular interest to us: 1. Organic posting, the most popular way for brands to reach their […]

New challenges for PR: Reputation attacks!

Is it fair to say that the war waged in the traditional economic sector has for the most part moved to an online battlefield? According to Christian Harbulot (http://www.spinpartners.fr/), the rules of the game changed over the past 20 years, with the democratization of the web and its emergence as a platform for free speech […]

eCairn maps the social web

New: eCairn Conversation™ for German Social Media Sphere

eCairn Conversation™ has completed another step towards mapping the social web: It now covers 34 German-speaking communities with more than 10k influencers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg. The list of German-speaking communities includes categories such as: cars (just think of Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche…) beauty and fashion economy moms environment soccer etc. Germans are […]

Brand’s influencers on Twitter = Huge pay back

According to our recent research, influencer targeting is absolutely crucial on twitter AND it’s probably wise to start with those who are organically connecting to a brand’s twitter account from within a brand target market or industry.

Here is why:

It’s a fact, people talk infrequently about brands in social media.

Moreover, we found that brand are mentioned much less on Twitter than on Blogs. In the examples below, brand mentions are 10 to 30 times less on Twitter.

The good news is that we also found that:

Industry influencers talk 100 times more often about brands that matter in their industry than the average Twitterers**
The pool of relevant influencers that are strongly connected to a brand through Twitter mention it 2 to 60 times more than other influencers within the same community.

=> Influencers from a brand’s industry who connect to are 200 to 1200 more likely to mention it than the random Twitterers

The 2 Pillars of Influencer Analysis

“Who are the good influencers, and how to identify them?”

We have given this issue a lot of thought and experiment. Over the years, this has inspired a unique vision of online influence, addressing what defines it, how to describe its characteristics, and how to analyze it. Here’s the gist of it.

There are several types of influencers (5 or 6, depending on who you ask, it is not really clear yet). In this post, we will not be covering the influence mechanisms at work among closed circles such as friends and family, or the influence mechanisms of celebrities (sports celebrities, politicians, and others). We are also well aware that geographical, cultural, or demographic factors have their role to play. As far as influence in the virtual world of social media is concerned, however, we believe this is only a minor one.

Got nails? How big businesses materializes in social media tribe

In today’s world:

* There are tons of billion dollars businesses
* There are tons of niche tribes
* At eCairn, we map tribes that contain thousands of influencers

Is it possible for any billion dollars business to materialize as a large and thriving tribe in social media?

The answer is most likely yes and here are some supporting facts and thoughts.

Today’s example is the ‘Nail Industry’ (Pedicure and Manicure). It comes on the heels of previous analysis on the Bird Watching and the Wedding industry which have respectively revenues of $50bn and $40bn.

The Next Step in Social: Beyond Listening & Engagement #SVAMA

I went to the Social Media Event at Adobe and, as usual, it was a great experience. Great panel: Maria Poveromo, Director of Social Media, Adobe Systems Laura Messerschmitt, Senior Marketing Manager, Intuit Susan Etlinger, Consultant, Altimeter Group Rob Fuggetta, Founder & CEO, Zuberance Moderator – Chris Arens, noted influencer, author and marketing/ad agency veteran […]