Social Selling: Farmers and Hunters

Social Selling is now top priority for Sales & Marketing. One common misstep is to view Social Selling as a “quick win” or “on the side” tactic for easy sales. Through the experience of large scale Social Selling projects in the last three years (mainly on Twitter & LinkedIn), we’ve identified four types of mindsets; only one really delivers benefits and clients. Here’s a quick […]

More on Sponsored Posts: Insights from the eCairn database

Our recent post about sponsoring posts as a way to drive brand awareness mentioned two important components of a sponsored posts campaign: where you engage and who you engage. What are the tribes where sponsored posts are the most frequently published? How influential are the bloggers who publish sponsored content? A look at eCairn’s database […]


Sponsored posts: earning media through influencer marketing

In a study about social advertising published last May, Forrester evaluated the success of two widely used social media marketing strategies to promote brand awareness: organic posting (brand communication on owned media) and paid advertising. Two findings were of particular interest to us: 1. Organic posting, the most popular way for brands to reach their […]

New challenges for PR: Reputation attacks!

Is it fair to say that the war waged in the traditional economic sector has for the most part moved to an online battlefield? According to Christian Harbulot (, the rules of the game changed over the past 20 years, with the democratization of the web and its emergence as a platform for free speech […]