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Top #Cloud, #Security, #Virtualization influencers and 5 tips on how to reach them

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more recently Foursquare. Those are the buzzwords that rightfully comes to mind when we talk social media.

Often, another critical dimension stays unnoticed: Social media is a network of virtual communities.

By communities, understand a large group of like-minded people, highly passionate, highly interconnected (through Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs: Sept ‘10

Here are the top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs as of Sept 2010: Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, and Brian Solis are consistently the most influential of the pack with posts from social media metrics, to insightful web strategies. The top movers/new entrants in our top influencer in social media marketing are: Creative Traction Planting […]

Everywhere Social Media

That’s it. The revolution has happened, is happening, will continue to happen. Social media is everywhere. It’s changing how human work together.

Last week end, I went for a sweet bike ride across the beautiful and very wet Santa Cruz mountains (quite a rainy winter here). I caught up with a group of Rock Lobsters crawling swiftly up the road ;-).

Oxymorons & Social Media

It’s amazing to look at words and expressions and to infer the history behind them.  So this is just a quick post with observations on oxymorons in the online world. Online newspaper is an oxymoron. It the news is online, then there is no paper.  The words online newspaper tells us that newspaper industry resisted […]

Offline, Online Friends and Trust.

Today I stumbled on this post, where we find out that we don’t trust much our online friends.
It’s just a survey and I think it can be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve seen similar surveys on trust and the digital world.

Why would we be surprised? But to me, you can trust your online friends as much as your offline friends…IF and ONLY IF we talk about the same kind of friends.