The beauty of Social Media

Today, we’re diving into the world of social media in the beauty/cosmetics industry.

Beauty/Cosmetics means big business. Here are some numbers that are self-explanatory:

$59 bn industry revenue (US) – $250 (WW)
750 unique brands
250k business in the US only are qualified as beauty salons

Given that every large industry means lots of activity in social media, it’s no surprise to find thousands of beauty influencers (we have more than 5000 in eCairn’s database and are finding new ones every time we search). All together they aggregate an audience or shall we say a mega-community of millions.

Why is that important?

According to a survey performed earlier this year by blogher and DeVries Public Relations, blogs are 2 Times More Likely to Drive Beauty Product Purchases than Magazines (influencers have blogs).

How is the beauty influencers mega-tribe organized?

Let’s look at some interesting geo-centric findings on the beauty tribe.

For that purpose, we took the top 500 influencers from the following countries: France, Italy, Spain, UK and USA, and a few hundreds from Australia and Canada.

Social Media, 2012 Elections and community facts

We’re just 1 year away from the 2012 election. It’s time to start looking at how social media anticipates the event and learn a few tricks on how to connect and influence various communities with a worthy cause.

It wouldn’t be much fun to do the analysis within the politics tribe. So instead, we’ll look at how the coming election is talked about within the LGBT, feminism, economics, sustainability and religion communities. eCairn aggregates the conversations from influencers within each of those distinct tribes.

The Next Step in Social: Beyond Listening & Engagement #SVAMA

I went to the Social Media Event at Adobe and, as usual, it was a great experience. Great panel: Maria Poveromo, Director of Social Media, Adobe Systems Laura Messerschmitt, Senior Marketing Manager, Intuit Susan Etlinger, Consultant, Altimeter Group Rob Fuggetta, Founder & CEO, Zuberance Moderator – Chris Arens, noted influencer, author and marketing/ad agency veteran […]

B is for Business, Blogs and Brides

Business: Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings. Weddings have grown to become a $40 billion per year industry.

Brides: They’ll spend more money on that one day than they will on any other day of their lives (with the exceptions of buying houses and paying for their kids’ weddings).

Blogs: In social media words, such a large business segment translates in a broad community of wedding bloggers/twitterers aggregating an audience of millions who are going through their wedding process. That is, approximately: 2.5 million weddings * 2 brides/grooms * 2 helping mothers * 40% who read blogs.

eCairn high-tech community social media engagement report

Top #Cloud, #Security, #Virtualization influencers and 5 tips on how to reach them

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more recently Foursquare. Those are the buzzwords that rightfully comes to mind when we talk social media.

Often, another critical dimension stays unnoticed: Social media is a network of virtual communities.

By communities, understand a large group of like-minded people, highly passionate, highly interconnected (through Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).