Automotive Market: How Influential is Your Brand?

The 2013 figures and rankings in the automobile market are out. There is a staggering number of cars being produced and some of the groups at the top made close or more than 10 millions vehicles.

I wanted to know how it translates in social media and whether there was a strong correlation between sales or market share on one hand and buzz or influence on the other hand.

Automotive Groups Buzz in Social Media

New Year Resolution

I don’t make new year’s resolution.

But I know lots of people do. Or do they really?

At least, very few people talk about them in social. We have 15440 ‘New Year’s resolution’ conversations among the 300 millions blog posts archived. Even if we zoom on the new year period, between Dec 15th when the first conversations appear until now, less than 1% of the influencers’ posts talk about New Year’s Resolution.
If we compare with conversations on ‘christmas gift’, we see a 1/10 ration between both topics.

More on Sponsored Posts: Insights from the eCairn database

Our recent post about sponsoring posts as a way to drive brand awareness mentioned two important components of a sponsored posts campaign: where you engage and who you engage. What are the tribes where sponsored posts are the most frequently published? How influential are the bloggers who publish sponsored content? A look at eCairn’s database […]


Sponsored posts: earning media through influencer marketing

In a study about social advertising published last May, Forrester evaluated the success of two widely used social media marketing strategies to promote brand awareness: organic posting (brand communication on owned media) and paid advertising. Two findings were of particular interest to us: 1. Organic posting, the most popular way for brands to reach their […]

The beauty of Social Media

Today, we’re diving into the world of social media in the beauty/cosmetics industry.

Beauty/Cosmetics means big business. Here are some numbers that are self-explanatory:

$59 bn industry revenue (US) – $250 (WW)
750 unique brands
250k business in the US only are qualified as beauty salons

Given that every large industry means lots of activity in social media, it’s no surprise to find thousands of beauty influencers (we have more than 5000 in eCairn’s database and are finding new ones every time we search). All together they aggregate an audience or shall we say a mega-community of millions.

Why is that important?

According to a survey performed earlier this year by blogher and DeVries Public Relations, blogs are 2 Times More Likely to Drive Beauty Product Purchases than Magazines (influencers have blogs).

How is the beauty influencers mega-tribe organized?

Let’s look at some interesting geo-centric findings on the beauty tribe.

For that purpose, we took the top 500 influencers from the following countries: France, Italy, Spain, UK and USA, and a few hundreds from Australia and Canada.