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DIY beauty

Social media is teeming with tips, tutorials and recipes for making your own beauty products. The DIY beauty trend ties in with several other areas where influencers are actively relaying and publishing content demonstrating their skills and expressing their creativity thereby encouraging their readers and followers to claim ownership of the process of making their […]

Automotive Market: How Influential is Your Brand?

The 2013 figures and rankings in the automobile market are out. There is a staggering number of cars being produced and some of the groups at the top made close or more than 10 millions vehicles.

I wanted to know how it translates in social media and whether there was a strong correlation between sales or market share on one hand and buzz or influence on the other hand.

Automotive Groups Buzz in Social Media

New Year Resolution

I don’t make new year’s resolution.

But I know lots of people do. Or do they really?

At least, very few people talk about them in social. We have 15440 ‘New Year’s resolution’ conversations among the 300 millions blog posts archived. Even if we zoom on the new year period, between Dec 15th when the first conversations appear until now, less than 1% of the influencers’ posts talk about New Year’s Resolution.
If we compare with conversations on ‘christmas gift’, we see a 1/10 ration between both topics.

Is Running a good Business for Disney?

For those who love Disney and Running, there’s a solution: runDisney.

What a smart move from a brand that aims to provide happy vacations to busy people around the USA. Obviously, the past 20 years have seen an explosion of running races and marathons, the holy grails of every runner, are in very high demand. People fly to Boston, New York and other destinations thus taking a toll on their precious vacations which is also what Disney is after. runDisney is the perfect compromise for those wanting to kill two birds with one stone by mixing family fun and running vacations.

Now the question is ‘Does it work’? The runDisney website shows a healthy calendar of races and they seem quite popular.
More interesting, it’s also storming all over social. Below is a comparison of runDisney’s volume of mentions against some of the top running shoes brands

Is there a Different Kind of Toys Brand?

The holidays are around the corner: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. We know retailers are getting busy and customers are starting to think about it; the first ‘Halloween’ wave is about to crash in a couple of weeks and the big one, Christmas, is already picking steam;
As a matter of fact, more conversations are taking place on “toys for Christmas” already:

It’s Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to do something special for your Mom….

Most countries in the world will celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Bloggers from eCairn’s Mommy tribe started talking more intensively about Mother’s Day in the beginning of April. The share of voice graph over the past six months shows that within the Mommy tribe with around 8000 blogs there were more […]

eCairn maps the social web

New: eCairn Conversation™ for German Social Media Sphere

eCairn Conversation™ has completed another step towards mapping the social web: It now covers 34 German-speaking communities with more than 10k influencers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg. The list of German-speaking communities includes categories such as: cars (just think of Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche…) beauty and fashion economy moms environment soccer etc. Germans are […]

German drinks community

Can Regulations Slow the Social Web? The Beer Example

Cultural and legal traditions vary from country to country. eCairn Conversation™ shows that they are also visible in online communities. Let’s consider the example of beer in Germany and the U.S. Small German Online Beer Community Germany has one of the highest beer consumptions per person in the world. Beer is a major part of the […]