More on Sponsored Posts: Insights from the eCairn database

Our recent post about sponsoring posts as a way to drive brand awareness mentioned two important components of a sponsored posts campaign: where you engage and who you engage. What are the tribes where sponsored posts are the most frequently published? How influential are the bloggers who publish sponsored content? A look at eCairn’s database […]

It’s Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to do something special for your Mom….

Most countries in the world will celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Bloggers from eCairn’s Mommy tribe started talking more intensively about Mother’s Day in the beginning of April. The share of voice graph over the past six months shows that within the Mommy tribe with around 8000 blogs there were more […]

Mommy bloggers love Twitter and Valentine’s

Mommy Bloggers love Twitter. Looking at our pool of 200+ community of influencers, we were wondering which one would won the Twitter race (i.e: which community shows the larger usage of Twitter based on % of twitter account detected from the influencers’ blogs we store in our db). Excluding the Social Media Marketing community, Mommy bloggers come first with 82% of the top influencers having a Twitter account and tweeting and close to 70% for the overall community (we have close to 10000 mommy blogs in our db). FYI, Social Media Marketing bloggers is 90% for the top and close to 70% for the overall community. Mommy bloggers love Valentine’s