Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs Jan ’12

Here are the top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs as of Jan ’12. Let’s highlight some of the top 5 positive movers by influence from Oct ’10 – Present. Neil Perkin (+36) Dachisgroup (+29) Christopher Carfi (+30) Joe Pulizzi (+27) PR Guy’s Musings (+20) And here are the top 5 new comers from Oct ’11 […]

Halloween Surprise: Death rate in the blogosphere

How often do you click on a link to end up on a blog that hasn’t shown a sign of life for years?
It happens to me all the time when I surf blogs. I call them ghost.

The blogosphere is a living organism where birth and death happen all the time. For long, I’ve been wondering about the life expectancy and death rate of blogs.

So much about life expectancy; but, thanks to the on-going maintenance of eCairn’s directory of influencers, on Halloween day, I have numbers to share with you on the latter:

~24% yearly death rate

Top 5 reasons why automatic sentiment doesn’t bring love

[youtube=] ” Love is a rebel bird. That no one can tame” I am amazed by the many initiatives around automatic measurement targeting  brands who desperately want to be loved. Sentiment is very complex. Here are 5 good reasons, brand should forget about automation and invest in a culture and processes that enable their employees […]