Is Running a good Business for Disney?

For those who love Disney and Running, there’s a solution: runDisney.

What a smart move from a brand that aims to provide happy vacations to busy people around the USA. Obviously, the past 20 years have seen an explosion of running races and marathons, the holy grails of every runner, are in very high demand. People fly to Boston, New York and other destinations thus taking a toll on their precious vacations which is also what Disney is after. runDisney is the perfect compromise for those wanting to kill two birds with one stone by mixing family fun and running vacations.

Now the question is ‘Does it work’? The runDisney website shows a healthy calendar of races and they seem quite popular.
More interesting, it’s also storming all over social. Below is a comparison of runDisney’s volume of mentions against some of the top running shoes brands

twinkies vs pecan pie vs pumpkin pie

Twinkies for Thanksgiving?

Will Twinkies make their way on to American dinner tables this Thanksgiving? A quick look at our Food community shows that Twinkies have indeed become a hot topic among foodies in the past couple of days, following the announcement that Hostess Brands was filing for bankruptcy and shutting down. The traditional pumpkin pie seems to […]

Digital Influence Renaissance

“Resonance is a result of reach and relevance and determines how long something stays alive in the stream before attention dissipates.” –Brian Solis (The Rise of Digital Influence, 2012) In Brian Solis‘s new report, “The Rise of Digital Influence“, he sheds new light into the realm of influence. As one of the hottest trends in […]

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The 2 Pillars of Influencer Analysis

“Who are the good influencers, and how to identify them?”

We have given this issue a lot of thought and experiment. Over the years, this has inspired a unique vision of online influence, addressing what defines it, how to describe its characteristics, and how to analyze it. Here’s the gist of it.

There are several types of influencers (5 or 6, depending on who you ask, it is not really clear yet). In this post, we will not be covering the influence mechanisms at work among closed circles such as friends and family, or the influence mechanisms of celebrities (sports celebrities, politicians, and others). We are also well aware that geographical, cultural, or demographic factors have their role to play. As far as influence in the virtual world of social media is concerned, however, we believe this is only a minor one.

Socialcohol Media – for #Beer, #Wine and #Liquor lovers

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