CEO talking about Social Marketing and eCairn!

Listen to how believes the next big thing in Social Media Marketing is Advanced Social Influencer Marketing using eCairn [youtube] ( at 55m40s if youtube does not bring you right there) As a thank you back, here are some data points about the share of voice of three top brands in the Cocktail […]

B is for Business, Blogs and Birds

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a long list of bird bloggers. In the back of my mind, I was thinking “This probably is not a good list to harvest as there is little business value.” –Boy, I was dead wrong.

Did you know that bird watching is a whopping 25 BILLION dollar industry in North America and that there are 50 millions bird watchers (As heard on NPR)?

Bird watchers buy books, gear, go on trips, and book hotels close to bird watching hot spots.

Translated to social media, bird bloggers form a tribe that’s highly connected, with a fairly large audience in aggregate and a (virtual) place where very interesting bird watching conversations take place. Interestingly, they don’t seem to tweet much as compared to other tribes (20% of the bird bloggers in our list have a twitter account). It looks like a paradox for bird bloggers!

The net-net is that if you’re a Business targeting Bird watchers (market=$50bn), this is an important tribe to have on your radar screen.

Mommy bloggers love Twitter and Valentine’s

Mommy Bloggers love Twitter. Looking at our pool of 200+ community of influencers, we were wondering which one would won the Twitter race (i.e: which community shows the larger usage of Twitter based on % of twitter account detected from the influencers’ blogs we store in our db). Excluding the Social Media Marketing community, Mommy bloggers come first with 82% of the top influencers having a Twitter account and tweeting and close to 70% for the overall community (we have close to 10000 mommy blogs in our db). FYI, Social Media Marketing bloggers is 90% for the top and close to 70% for the overall community. Mommy bloggers love Valentine’s

Targeting Community and Influencer

All good fishermen know that you’ve got to fish where the fish
All waters aren’t equal.

In the world of social media marketing, it translates into : “They’re conversations about your brands potentially everywhere, but they’re places that are more important than others”.

Marketers need to identify the right ponds for them.

Arsenal wins the Social Media League

We’re using our application to monitor the world of soccer and doing so, we’ve accumulated  hundreds of blogs around premiere league.  And as we have introduced  mapping capabilities… I could not help giving it a shot. Voila: Here is the map of the Premiere League Blogosphere and it’s quite amazing. The cluster in red is […]