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DIY beauty

Social media is teeming with tips, tutorials and recipes for making your own beauty products. The DIY beauty trend ties in with several other areas where influencers are actively relaying and publishing content demonstrating their skills and expressing their creativity thereby encouraging their readers and followers to claim ownership of the process of making their […]

New Year Resolution

I don’t make new year’s resolution.

But I know lots of people do. Or do they really?

At least, very few people talk about them in social. We have 15440 ‘New Year’s resolution’ conversations among the 300 millions blog posts archived. Even if we zoom on the new year period, between Dec 15th when the first conversations appear until now, less than 1% of the influencers’ posts talk about New Year’s Resolution.
If we compare with conversations on ‘christmas gift’, we see a 1/10 ration between both topics.

Zombies are coming!

We monitor the “Horror” tribe in the US  (hundreds of influencers in books, movies … covering “Horror” as a genre) and below is the Share of Voice of the different characters: Looking deeply into it, it sounds more like the launch of World War Z. First mention of the movie we can trace was back […]

top tweets fashion

What do Fashion Influencers tweet about on Saturdays?

As a short experiment, we mined the full Twitter feed of our top (~10,000) Twitter influencers in Fashion and got the following results: 1- Saturday Morning October 13th 2- Saturday Morning October 20th Learnings: Grace Coddington’s memoirs did make the list this Saturday. It’s the only real learning. Good Morning, Love and Saturday are recurring […]