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New: eCairn Conversation™ for German Social Media Sphere

eCairn Conversation™ has completed another step towards mapping the social web: It now covers 34 German-speaking communities with more than 10k influencers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg. The list of German-speaking communities includes categories such as: cars (just think of Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche…) beauty and fashion economy moms environment soccer etc. Germans are […]

German drinks community

Can Regulations Slow the Social Web? The Beer Example

Cultural and legal traditions vary from country to country. eCairn Conversation™ shows that they are also visible in online communities. Let’s consider the example of beer in Germany and the U.S. Small German Online Beer Community Germany has one of the highest beer consumptions per person in the world. Beer is a major part of the […]

Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs Jan ’12

Here are the top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs as of Jan ’12. Let’s highlight some of the top 5 positive movers by influence from Oct ’10 – Present. Neil Perkin (+36) Dachisgroup (+29) Christopher Carfi (+30) Joe Pulizzi (+27) PR Guy’s Musings (+20) And here are the top 5 new comers from Oct ’11 […]

Nike, Asics, Adidas or New Balance? Winners of the runnosphere?

This is the english version of a post recently published on eCairn’s French blog.

A member of our growing team recently got into running again. This returning runner looking for current trends and state of the art gears turned to the runnosphere for recommendations and information.
Through reading genuine reviews and comments on certain running shoes from local runner-bloggers, he finally bought a pair of Asics Trabucos: A true example that demonstrates how influencers impact more and more our purchase decisions (here’s a study on the same topic).

While on the subject, he ran a complete analysis of the French runnosphere, so I felt compelled to run it on the English runnosphere (runners blogs in english language).