Marketers and Business Development, targeting Affluents, B2B or Niche markets

Engage with YOUR audience

It's OK to listen to the web but you should really focus on people who matter.

  • Start with a list of prospects, clients, people in your community or with a persona.

    Our mapping algorithm will identify a large number of social profiles (LinkedIn and Twitter) of people in your target audience.

    The profiles are enriched for gender, age, job title and company, location, centers of interest, and if you are targeting affluents additional data points such as precise zip code, salary levels …

  • Analyse data to fulfill your marketing objectives

    • Signage:  Understand who your audience is (socio, demo, professional, behavior) and their centers of interests
    • Content Marketing: Spot the content that your audience likes and shares the most. Curate and Create effective content for your audiences.
    • Events: Learn about the events that your audience goes to/talks about. Spot potential keynote speakers
    • Market Research: Discover trending topics & measure the level of discussion about your brand
    • Competitive Analysis: See if your competitors get mentioned, followed by the people in your audience.
    • Influencer Marketing: Identify perfect micro-influencers, by geo, role, topics of expertise.
    • Market segmentation: Identify & analyze audience tribes within your list.
  • Focus your time and attention and network efficiently with one email a day and an easy to use mobile app.

    We make it super efficient for you to listen to thousands of people and hundreds of influencers.

    • you receive a daily/weekly/monthly curated digest of the most relevant posts, tweets, videos from your influencers.
    • social media can be overwhelming and our solution makes you be consistent, focus, and effective.
    • for thought leadership, we provide you access to a mobile application with your influencer profiles, opportunities, history of your relations, and engagement scorecard.



Software application and reports aligned with your marketing strategy and goals.

Audience Profiling (Report)

Enrich your list of emails, LinkedIn or Twitter

Get a snapshot of who they are, who influence them and what they are interested in

eCairn Conversation tm

Collect & profile 1000's of people in a niche market

Segment by geo/gender/age/socio demo/psychographics

Listen real time, Zoom on topics & discover center of interest

Monitor profiles/ content /social graphs, Identify influencers

Content Discovery

Mine the social streams of 1000's of people in your market

Spot the content they share the most

Spot the publications and medias they read the most

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