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This Privacy Policy details certain policies implemented throughout eCairn governing eCairn’s use of personally identifiable information about users of our Site and users of our services and hosted application accessible on the Site (collectively, “Services”). By clicking on “I Agree,” you agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions, then do not click on “I Agree” or access the Site or use the Services on the Site.


Who are We:

We are eCairn Inc. (“we”, “us”, “our” or “eCairn”), a provider of “social listening” , “social selling” and market intelligence services, through our proprietary platform eCairn Conversation ™ and our web application eCairn Advocate App (sales)  and Dashboard app (sales management).

To provide our Services, we crawl various sources on the Internet (e.g. websites, blogs, social networks), we collect and purchase publicly available information, including personal data.

Then, we analyze, index such information and create new data (aggregated or computed).

eCairn, working since 2007 in the Social Intelligence domain both in the US and Europe has developed a strong experience in privacy and the security of personal data.

Our system  combines processes, tools and vendor selection to ensure data security.

As a SaaS company we benefit from the high degree of security of Amazon (AWS) and Google (the companies hosting our data).


Privacy Policy Updates

Due to the Internet’s rapidly evolving nature, eCairn may need to update this Privacy Policy from time to
time. If so, eCairn will post our updated Privacy Policy on the Site located at the following URL:  and post notice of the change and/or may communicate the changes by
sending e-mail notice to registered users of the Site. eCairn encourages you to review this Privacy Policy
regularly for any changes. Your continued use of the Site, Services and/or continued provision of
personally identifiable information to us will be subject to the terms of the then-current Privacy Policy.
Information Collection and Use
You can generally visit our Site without revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself.
However, in certain sections of this Site, through the log-in process or when you request an online demo,
register for an account on the Site, contact us with questions or comments or request information, provide
us with feedback, participate in surveys, questionnaires or contests or subscribe to our blog, we may
collect personally identifiable information from you such as your name, company name, email address,
password, username and other contact information that you voluntarily transmit with your communication
to us. You are required to provide your e-mail address and password when logging into the Site.
Additionally, we may collect personally identifiable information about you that you provide to us when
you contact us or that you voluntarily include in your feedback and/or e-mail, phone or in-person
communications with us. We also may collect the foregoing personally identifiable information about
you from our third-party affiliate or partner companies and from marketing or advertising companies that
provide us with such information as a part of their relationship with us. We also may collect information
about you and your use of our Site and Services through your use of our Site and Services.
We may use your personally identifiable information to register you to use our Services, contact you to
deliver certain Services or information that you have requested, verify your authority to enter our Site,
improve the content and general administration of the Site and our Services, provide you with notices
regarding Services that you have purchased or may wish to purchase in the future, provide you with
notices about other users of our Site and/or Services that you may wish to contact. In addition, if you
subscribe to our blog, we will use your e-mail address send you notifications of new posts to our blog.

Children’s Privacy

eCairn recognizes the privacy interests of children and we encourage parents and guardians to take an
active role in their children’s online activities and interests. This Site is not intended for children under
the age of 13. eCairn does not target this Site or its Services to children under 13. eCairn does not
knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13.
Aggregate Information
The Site may utilize software that tracks the total number of visitors to our Site, the number of visitors to
each page of our Site, browser type, IP addresses, External Web Sites (defined below) linked to, and we
may analyze this data for trends and statistics in the aggregate, but such information will be maintained,
used and disclosed in aggregate form only and it will not contain personally identifiable information. We
may use such aggregate information to analyze trends, administer the Site, track users’ movement, and
gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.


We may provide your personally identifiable information to the vendors and service agencies that we
may engage to assist us in providing our services. For example, we may provide your personally
identifiable information to PayPal to process your payment. – NOTE: Confirm if any personally
identifiable information of eCairn website users is passed to PayPal? We will also disclose your
personally identifiable information (a) only if we are required to do so by law, regulation or other
government authority or otherwise in cooperation with an investigation of a governmental authority, (b)
to enforce the eCairn Terms of Use agreement or to protect our rights or (c) to protect the safety of users
of our Site and our Services. We may transfer your personally identifiable information to a successor
entity upon a merger, consolidation or other corporate reorganization in which eCairn participates or to a
purchaser or acquirer of all or substantially all of eCairn’s assets to which this Site relates.
Links to Third Party Sites
The Site may provide links to other Web sites or resources over which eCairn does not have control
(“External Web Sites”). Such links do not constitute an endorsement by eCairn of those External Web
Sites. You acknowledge that eCairn is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and further
agree that eCairn is not responsible for the content of such External Web Sites. Your use of External Web
Sites is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies located on the linked to External Web Sites.
We may employ procedural and technical measures that are reasonably designed to help protect your
personally identifiable information from loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.
eCairn may use firewalls, password protection, secure socket layer and encryption to help prevent
unauthorized access to your personally identifiable information.

Updating, Correcting and/or Deleting Personally Identifiable Information

eCairn provides you with the ability to review and correct your user name and password that you have
provided to us. If you wish to update or correct your user name and/or password, you may access your
account online or submit a request to us by phone or email at:
By e-mail:
By phone:(408) 560-9450

Processing of Personal Information 

Our computer systems are currently based in the United States, so your personal data will be processed by
us in the U.S. where data protection and privacy regulations may not offer the same level of protection as
in other parts of the world, such as the European Union. If you create a user account with our Web site as
a visitor from outside the United States, by using our Web site you agree to this Privacy Policy and you
consent to the transfer of all such information to the United States, which may not offer an equivalent
level of protection of that required in the European Union or certain other countries, and to the processing
of that information as described in this Privacy Policy.



European Union / GDPR

As part of the GDPR requirements, please find below  our detailed activity & processes on personal data , and the rights you can claim about your personal data.

Here is the EU definition of personal data:


eCairn is responsible for the protection of personal data that it collects from publicly available information and adds to its research database. As such, we are a controller under applicable data protection legislation for personal data which we obtain about you.

Personal data definition.

Here is the EU definition of personal data:

Data processed by eCairn?

eCairn processes four different types of personal data :

  1. Employees and subcontractor data.
  2. Clients and prospects data
  3. Personal data from users of eCairn Conversation ™ app and eCairn Social Selling applications.
  4. Influencers and “who’s who”/affluent profiles. Data purchased from data providers and indexed from Internet using our proprietary software

The latter (#4) is clearly the area where eCairn has the most volume of personal data  i.e we collect and index the data from influencers and “who’s who”.

The personal data we index as part of #4 are public data that we obtain directly or indirectly from social media networks.

eCairn is only indexing data which is voluntarily posted on the Internet with a public status and which has been prone to expressed consent regarding the use by third parties.

This includes:

  • name, username, pseudonym or other identifier
  • profile picture
  • public content published using that name, username, pseudonym or another identifier, including e.g. posts, comments, expressions, opinions, likes.
  • other images or videos that publicly posted or interacted with;
  • location, as provided to us by any third-party website, page, forum, a social network that shares such data with us, subject to your choices and preferences on such third-party website, page, forum, social network.
  • information generally made available on a website, page, forum, social network we are authorized to crawl or that shares data with us.

eCairn never collects information which has a private status and is not able to access profiles or pages online and social networks, if the access has been restricted by the user.

eCairn does not collect emails nor phone numbers. eCairn allows its clients to upload emails and phone numbers they have collected on their own. This information stays private to this specific client.

eCairn does not collect or try to infer from the information we collect, any information that reveals racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health condition,  negative financial status, and sexual orientation.

eCairn does not collect data for people younger than 16 years old. 

eCairn uses personal data to the extent that the law allows us to do so. We will use your personal data where it is necessary to pursue our legitimate interests and your interests and fundamental rights do not override those interests.

How eCairn uses data?

Employees, Clients, Partners, Suppliers and Users:

(#1), (#2), (#3)

eCairn uses data on Employees, clients, suppliers, partners and users to conduct normal business functions such as communication, support, payment, invoicing, sales.

We use cookies to optimize the flow on our website.

We also monitor and collect data about the use of our services by our users in order to improve them.

We also collect information relative to the devices that you use to visit our website or use our application.

Influencers & Web Users (who’s who and affluent people)


For influencers and affluent people, eCairn uses the data to help our users discover, listen to, evaluate and manage their engagement with influential and affluent people.

    • identify “key people” our clients should talk to/engage with/follow and help our clients being effective and relevant in engagement
    • Infer information such as gender, age, center of interest, profession, influence on key topics.



eCairn only support 1:1 engagement use cases and our solution does not include mass emailing nor advertising capabilities toward a large audience.

The outcome of using eCairn’s service is either

  • An intelligence report on an audience
  • A more effective way of using social media one to one.

Typical use case: a B2B Tech client wants to identify the most influential people in cloud computing in the UK to talk to.  Analyzing public data on the internet- data that people explicitly post to reach a large audience -:

  • eCairn builds a list of the best people for our client to talk to,
  • eCairn provides a report on this audience (how many they are, what they talk about …)
  • along with trending topics of the day/week.
  • eCairn then highlights public posts from the audience that the user should be aware of and engage with.

How is this web public data indexed?

As part of its collection activity, eCairn uses automated indexing systems, also known as “crawlers”. Our crawlers are identifiable and site owners can opt to block them or contact us with more information.

They can do so by contacting us directly or by filing an abuse report with AWS.  

eCairn maintains a list of websites who have explicitly opted for not been crawled and we stop crawling web sites and remove the data within 48 hours after notification,

Our data are stored at AWS data centers who are GDPR ready (

eCairn also purchases data from Social networks (Twitter).

eCairn also purchases data from GDPR compliant vendors.

For what purpose do we use data?

We process data about  Web users, Influencers, Customers on the basis of our legitimate interest of providing our Services and improving our Services to our clients.

We do our best to collect and process data that is of maximum accuracy and freshness.

We implement “privacy by design” and don’t keep the data longer than necessary. We perform automatic deletion when to ensure this rule is enforced.

As an example, although we could collect people physical address for research objective, we limit ourselves to collecting zip codes which do not enable to identify individual people.

Your rights (as data subject)

Pursuant to applicable data protection and privacy laws, you have a number of rights that you may exercise upon personal data concerning you.  (see the document:

You can:

  • The right of access to its data( Article 15 GDPR ) You can ask us if we hold any personal data about you.
  • Right to object (Article 21 GDPR ) & Right to be forgotten ( Article 17 GDPR ):  Request access to the personal data concerning you that we hold and, as the case may be, request that we update, rectify or erase such personal data.
  • Request that we refrain from using personal data concerning you in the future.
  • If you reside within the European Union, you have the right to ask for a copy of your personal information. Please note that such a request is limited to the only personal information you provided us with and that we hold at that given time and subject to any relevant legal requirements and exemptions.

In respect of the above rights, in order to comply with legal requirements pertaining to privacy, we will verify your identity and may require that you provide additional information before we enforce your rights.

We generally would deliver this information at no fee. We may charge a reasonable processing fee is the request is repetitive or excessive.

Please note that we may be required by law to retain data, and therefore will not erase or rectify such data. For instance, we are required by applicable law to retain certain data for accounting and financial compliance reasons.


If you wish to obtain more information or to assert your rights on your personal data, you can contact us right now at : Email:  Attention: eCairn Data Protection Officer

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

If you wish to opt out from eCairn using your data in marketing, sales and advertising programs, you can contact us right now at:

Email:  Attention: eCairn Data Protection Officer along with your Twitter ID and LinkedIn id.

We will verify your identity with a LinkedIn message and flag your profile as “do not sell” in our database.