New affluents don’t respond to cold calls, read brochures nor go to events. To win their business, you need to play on their terms and engage on social media

Find Qualified Leads And Engage

FindNConnect will save you time so you can focus on what you do best:  Advise your clients.

  • Map your market & discover the best prospects in the segment you target

    Profile leads based on location, industry/role, behavior, content interest and affinities.
    We map your target ecosystem, then nurture and grow a list of hundreds of active prospects in Twitter and LinkedIn. We select an initial set of 100 deeply profiled prospects along with actionable intelligence that you can use in your sales process.

  • Expert Assistant who listens for you

    Your AI-powered assistant will monitor thousands of posts and extract the 5-7 best insights and opportunities per day, to connect and assist you in using social media and in engaging with your prospects.

    • They spot which ones you should read
    • They identify actionable relationship-building opportunities

    Our expert assistants,  trained on our methodology and on fintech regulations, analyze your prospect’s river of tweets.

    • They suggest a personalized call to action to strengthen your relationship to prospects
  • Focus your time and attention; network efficiently using one email a day and an easy to use platform.

    We make it easy and efficient for Financial Advisors to listen to hundreds of prospects:

    • Receive a daily curated digest of the best tweets & posts from your prospects
    • Access a mobile application with your prospect profiles, opportunities and history of your relations
    • Social Media can be overwhelming, and our solution makes you consistent, focused and effective
    • Spending an average of 15 minutes per day, you build authentic and trustable relationships
  • Measure the social selling activity of your team and manage performance

    As Sales Managers, you can easily monitor and measure the activity of your Financial Advisor team:

    • Analyze effort and results
    • Identify and recognize top performers
    • Adjust the list of prospects and manage digital territories
    • Enforce best practices and establish a record of interactions across your organization




Search our database of affluents

Identify affluents using personal, pro and behavior

Personalize your outreach = Get more meetings


AI-powered insights and actionable relationship-building opportunities

Listen to 100's of leads in 10mn/day


Professional guidance on establishing a Social Media presence & continued personalized coaching

A dedicated, human expert assistant who reads, then pinpoints tweets and makes recommendations for you. (5-7 per day)

Real Time Dashboard to monitor your progress



Our solution is the result of four years of close collaboration with Financial Advisors just like you.

  • 150

    new actionable leads each year

  • 5+

    insights and opportunities to
    engage per day

  • Hands on education in Social Selling with examples from real prospects

  • A great personal brand in LinkedIn and Twitter that position you well with new affluents.


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