Finding Leads in Niche markets

Financial Advisors coaches/Business consultants seem to pretty agree on ONE thing: sustainable growth comes from focusing on a niche.

There is only so much growth that an advisor can experience selling to his/her friends and “serendipity strategy” always ends up with an inconsistent client portfolio and a plateau.

One of the challenges in a “niche” strategy is to find & profile enough people that fit the profile. True you can use LinkedIn to search on location & job title but more often than not, a niche is defined by criteria that you cannot get on Linkedin.

That’s the challenge that we have addressed with FindNConnect, the new service that we just introduced! Here are a few examples of how you can use FindNConnect to identify and profile people in specific/ niche affluent markets.


  • Affluents who are concerned by Climate Change

People don’t put this kind of information in their LinkedIn profiles.


  • Millennials Moms in San Jose (CA)

It is not possible to search LinkedIn by gender /age.

  • Men who like golf or ski 

Even if this has nothing to do with business, as an advisor, you may want to use this as an ice-breaker.  You can even search for Affluents in the Bay Area who like fly fishing!


  • Execs in a company, close to  retirement




  • Expatriates


Expatriates have specific needs when it comes to managing finance and advisors can be really successful in targeting these niche, especially in locations where you have lots of them. (Bay Area, NY…)


  • Hyper-Local


Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

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