Making your engagements on Linkedin Effective!

Here is a 3min tutorial on how to improve the response rate of LinkedIn Sales Navigator inmails/connection requests. 

The key to success is how you target and personalize your engagements.


  • You’re a financial advisor, in the San Francisco Bay area targeting people who want to make a positive change with their money and invest sustainably and responsibly.
  • You are already using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and are making 3 cold outreach per day with limited success.

Step 1 – Find the ideal prospects 

  • Use FindNConnect search app to find affluent people who are concerned by climate change and responsible investing (you can’t really find this info on Linkedin)
  • Build a search query: “climate OR CSR OR “social impact”


Step 2 – Skip your Latte for a day and purchase 3 leads to do a test!

Pick local people;  people who have a Twitter bio that you really like!

Step 3 – Build a highly personal intro.

“Hello, ….. I see from your Twitter profile that “climate change”  …. is important for you. We, at XYZ have built investment strategies/plans …for people who want to make a positive change with their money.

I would love to connect/invite you to a webinar …”

You may have even spotted an exciting tweet from their timeline. If you also use Twitter, you may follow them on Twitter too and use tweets that these affluents like, rt, etc. This can also be a great source of engagement.

Here is an excerpt of a Tweet from an affluent executive in New York:







It clearly deserved better than a generic intro.

Try it and if it does not work, coffee is on me 😉


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

One thought on “Making your engagements on Linkedin Effective!

  1. We are living in transformative times and more than ever we have a responsibility to understand where and who we invest in.

    Financial planning is more than just numbers and the bottom line. It’s about goals, dreams, and purposeful planning. We’ll help you design a program that connects your wealth with what matters to you, the causes you believe in and the communities you support.

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