How to enhance your outreach efforts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for selling to professionals. It is also the platform of choice for Financial Advisors looking at reaching new clients (some great articles on how to use Linkedin are provided at the end of this post)

However,  LinkedIn has been built as a professional social networking platform and there are other insights/intelligence that Financial Advisors should use to better target and make their engagement on Linkedin more personal and more effective:

  • 1.Personal insights & Center of interest: People on LinkedIn don’t talk about their personal life: are they married, kids, where do they go on vacation? Do they like golf, football, sailing? Are they concerned about social impact/climate change, responsible investing? Are they curious about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?


  • 2. Gender & Age: Linkedin does not currently provide the ability to search by gender or/and by age.   Let’s say you target Women’s Millenials Executives and entrepreneurs in Seattle. It will take you some time before you get a solid list of prospects.


  • 3.Net worth: Job title, Company, School, and professional background are all very interesting data points to estimate someone’s net worth. However, usually one needs more information to qualify the prospect (company information from CrunchBase, white pages, IRS data, Zillow, salary information…).


  • 4. Zip Code: Most Financial Advisors target local affluents. LinkedIn has a zipcode search. However, since the search granularity is 10 miles,  it cannot be used to micro-target. Just try a zip code in San Francisco and you basically get the entire city.  Also, LinkedIn works with professional addresses. 

LinkedIn zip code search


  • 5.Missing segments of affluents: Physicians/Dentists/Surgeons, Lawyers, Celebrities/Sports Celebrities, Chefs, SMB owners in consumer segments don’t really use LinkedIn that much.

Our application, Find addresses these 5 issues and enables Advisors to better target on LinkedIn and to personalize their sales engagement:


Zip Code FindNConnect offers advisors the ability to search by Zipcode in large cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles….
Gender and Age FindNConnect provides gender and age (brackets)  information. 
Affluence FindNConnect uses AI-based models that leverage professional information (what you get on LinkedIn) along with gender, age, a personal social graph on Twitter, mining of bio, location, salary database …. The models are built using large manually crafted samples (over 10K people). As shown in the graph below, the precision of our model for Northern California is currently at  83%.

Missing occupations FindNConnect also profiles Physicians, Lawyers, Chefs, Pro Athletes, Artists, Celebrities …
Personal profiles Using Twitter social graph and Twitter content, FindNConnect builds a richer profile of the affluent. This is critical for your in-mails to stand out. If you’re interested in people who like golf, ski, have children, are concerned with climate change. This is the place to go.

Our database currently covers the San Francisco Bay Area, South California, New York, Boston with hundreds of thousands of deeply profiled affluents.  You can try it at or leave us an email in the form below if you want to get an early notice when we will cover your market.

(*) Here are a few great articles that explain how advisors should set up profiles and build content for LinkedIn:



Photo by Gabriel Varaljay on Unsplash


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