Sales Solicitation Strategies For Financial Advisors That Work



From time to time, I receive solicitations from Financial Advisors who want to help me manage my money.  In this short post, I’m going to share how I handle these offers as a potential client.

Three Bad Solicitations

Bad solicitations are outdated, Generic and Ineffective and yet many will still use them.

1- Cold calls

Easy ones, I don’t pick up the phone. Like 99% of their target prospects, I have a smartphone and unless the call is from someone I know, I don’t pick up. It’s just too time-consuming. 

2- Postcards

Come to lunch and learn about retirement at a nice local restaurant? I know I’m old and I may learn a little, but it’s gonna be a generic sales speech and my situation is clearly not generic. Plus, I work all week and don’t have time for that on weekends.

3- Anonymous LinkedIn emails

Reject, Block, Report Spam.


Three Good Solicitations

A good solicitation is current, engaging and effective. Successful Financial Advisors understand the power of social media and the importance of trust. Here are offers to which I might respond:

1- Network Introductions

Contacts from the French Network in California introducing an advisor. Although I no longer live in the Bay Area, I still have roots in that ecosystem, so I’d check them out.

2- Personal Recommendations

A recommendation from a friend, my CPA, or my lawyers (immigration, business, IP – yes that’s three lawyers and I’m very happy with all of them) is compelling.

3- Topic Relevant Messages

An advisor engaging with me about soccer, or another topic I find interesting, may get my attention. If the rest (i.e. relevance, competencies, and the personal fit is there, I might listen.

For the ones that make it to the “let’s check them out” phase, I Google them. My search will show me their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and I will assess them by answering these questions:

  • Are their profiles and photos unprofessional or generic with zero followers? 
  • Is the content they share relevant to me?
  • Do people like me follow them already? I’m not just talking about friends (which would be good), but people like me: expatriates in the US, business owners.

These would be the criteria to make it to the consideration pool.  

Still, the advisors will have to respond promptly and appropriately when I seriously decide it’s time to work on my financial plans. That’s when their active listening skills would be the deciding factor. So when FAs write or say, “We develop a custom plan for any situation” before they’ve even met me, I want to say – good luck with that!

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