How to Engage on Endorsement Tweets

This article will show you how to engage on one specific tweet category called ‘Endorsements’.
It is part of our series of 8 articles ‘how to engage on twitter’ covering the following 8 categories of tweets: OpinionEmotionAuthored ContentListLocal NewsEndorsementQuestion & RequestEvent.

As you try to build relations with people, you may notice that they sometimes tweet about endorsements they’ve received personally, or the organization in which they work/contribute to. They also endorse others that are in their circles and organizations close to them. Endorsements can be great opportunities to engage on a very personal level.

Below are the different types of endorsements we’ve encountered:

  • The person has been featured in an article or in a top list.
  • The person or the organization they work for/contribute to has received an award, funding or has made a major announcement (such as reaching a key milestone, doing a product launch…). Often they will RT somebody else’s tweet about it.
  • The person endorses somebody else/some other organization to highlight a key accomplishment/result.

Here are the different tactics to engage on an endorsement  type of tweet.

1) Outbound Endorsement

An outbound endorsement is aimed at a person or an organization within the network of the person endorsing. Learn more about what the endorsement is about, usually through a link provided in the tweet or by opening the tweet thread if any.
Next, decide if you want to do something.
In general, the engagement should be fairly neutral such as a Like and RT. See it as helping to promote the news that the person felt worth tweeting about. You may add a comment if you found anything interesting or relevant after learning about the endorsement. You can even do a search to find more information and reinforce the endorsement with your own content.


2) Inbound Endorsements    

Those type of endorsements come in two flavors:

  • The person tweeting about a result/achievement/endorsement from a third party source outside of Twitter (example above)
  • A third party endorsing the person by tweeting about a result/achievement/endorsement. In general, the person will RT it.

Learn more about the endorsement. Decide if you want to engage. At minimum, if you do, Like and RT.
However you may want to do more. The person is obviously proud of what happened and wants people to know about it. Replying to congratulate, adding your personal touch based on the nature of the achievement, will surely get noticed.


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