How to Engage Authored Content

This article will show you how to engage on one specific tweet category called ‘Authored Content’.

It is part of our series of 8 articles ‘how to engage on twitter’ covering the following 8 categories of tweets: OpinionEmotionAuthored ContentListLocal NewsEndorsementQuestion & RequestEvent.

People who have a position of responsibility in society have likely gained a strong combination of knowledge and experience in their field of expertise. Because of this, they often publish a great deal of authored content via social. Consequently these people frequently reference in their tweets an article they authored or in which they were featured. Most of the time, they are promoting their own content. These tweets are almost always a great source for engagement and are especially relevant as you try to build relationships.

Below is a breakdown of different types we’ve encountered:

  • A tweet promoting blog posts authored by them on their blog
  • A tweet containing articles written by them and featured in a magazine
  • Articles, blog posts, podcasts or videos in which they are featured significantly (interview, multiple quotes…)

Here are the different tactics to use to engage on an original tweet.

1) An article written by them


An article is where they share their expertise, knowledge or life experiences and opinions.

In general, those posts, articles, podcasts or videos contain information that are new to you, or perhaps they trigger associations with your own knowledge or experience, or prompt you with a question. It’s possible you simply find it to be a really good read. 

Those tweets are a great source for genuine value-add engagement such as:

  • Ask a question
  • Add a datapoint/a viewpoint
  • Thanks for some take-away or something you learned
  1. You have a question: Ask it
    – Which xyz do you recommend?
    – Do you think xyz is different from…?
    – How would you go after… ?
  2. You have relevant data-points / opinions: Say it; If you disagree with the prospect on all or part of what he/she shares, find a respectful and polite way to express it
    – I agree with xyz. My experience in the area taught me it’s the most critical….
    – I also read that 30% of…
    – I would add to your list the following points…
    – I read your post with great interest but I think you may have missed….
  3. You have liked or learned something: Thank the author
    – I didn’t know xyz..thank you
    – I really like your analysis on xyz..thanks
    – I tried xyz and it’s so useful. Thank you
    – You’ve done a great job at ….Thank you

If the article/video/podcast is on a person’s own properties, you should take advantage of it, hence, in addition to engaging on Twitter:

  • Comment on the properties (allows you to express thoughts or provide inputs that don’t fit in 140 characters) and notify the prospect on Twitter about your comment
  • Engage only on Twitter when your feedback or input is short, also leveraging the affluent’s own content.

The following actions apply on Twitter :

  • Reply when you have a question or when you want to start a conversation directly to add something or thank the person. If you/your company has content relevant to the topic discussed in the person’s content, add it to the reply.
  • Retweet with comment to promote the person’s content to your audience. Make sure your comment contains @prospect


2) An article/podcast/video featuring them

When the person isn’t the author, he/she may be the object of a complete interview or simply quoted, potentially among other people, in the context of a broader article/podcast/video. Being featured, for example on a magazine, is a huge achievement and helping promote that is one of the most noteworthy favors you can do.

In the later, the best tactic is to retweet the quote about/from the prospect and add, if any, a short comment about it.

Otherwise, the same tactics described above still apply.


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