How to Engage on Twitter: Bullet Lists

This article will show you how to engage on one specific tweet category called ‘Lists’.

It is part of our series of 8 articles ‘how to engage on twitter’ covering the following 8 categories of tweets: OpinionEmotionAuthored ContentListLocal NewsEndorsementQuestion & RequestEvent.

As you try to build relations with new affluents, you may notice that they frequently reference an article about a list and, at times, highlight what item in the list is relevant/important to them. Most of the time, they are just retweeting an article they liked. Less often, they tweet their own list. Therefore, such tweets are great opportunities to engage.

Those tweets are easy to spot as they generally contain a numeric number or words such as list, tips, ‘best of’, lessons, etc.. Of course, sometimes you have to open the linked article to find out it’s about a list:

  • 11 fascinating facts about…
  • 5 common mistakes of…
  • Top 10 habits of…
  • 5 cities that…
  • Top 10 startups in New York

Because of their construct, there are different ways to get the conversation started:

If the prospect tweets about the list, it means it’s relevant or interesting to him/her, hence you can use the following tactics:

  • Ask a question about the list like: In your opinion, which one(s) is(are) the most important? What’s your order of priority?
  • Communicate around item(s) in the list that you like, items you think are missing, items you feel are more important than others because they are relevant to your experience/knowledge
  • Thank the prospect for the take-away or something you learned

If the list is authored by the prospect or he/she has added a personal comment, you can probe for more information about it or specific items by asking deeper & more personal questions such as:

  • Why do you think… ?
  • How did you reach the conclusion that… ?
  • I’m curious to learn more about your experience on…

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