Women, Unicorns and Entrepreneurs

Today is our compilation of some wonderful articles we read over the past week.photo-business-tree-growth-12670

Women and Money

  • Control the $: In this article about Philanthropy, we discover that women now control more than 50% of the wealth in the USA. A number that is bound to increase.
  • Get less $ from successful ventures: Here, we learn that ventures lead by women and backed by VCs showed an exit rate 37 percent lower than that of startups led by men. The article points to a research from Sahil Raina who hinted that a lack of women partners in the VC world is partially to blame for that disparity. As a matter of fact, Angie Chang tells us that only 11% of investment partners at VC funds and 15% of angel investors are women
  •  Odds are stacked against women on ‘Shark Tank’
  • Women behave differently than man when the market is unstable


  • Population: 229; Valuation: $1.3T; Got $175b in funding.
  • From innovation, Americans build disruptive business, Chinese follow with enthusiasm and Europeans regulate. Hence the 101 unicorns in California alone. No surprise as, according to E&Y, VC investment in the San Francisco Bay Area alone tops $24.7b while Europe is only at $10b.


  • Be resilient: The #1 trait of startup founders” by @writerpollock – and per @sethgodin, a highly valuable skill.
    The team @ecairn agrees wholeheartedly.
  • Be reasonably patient: @lilbovness and @andrewparker talk about five years in the making overnight successes
  • Out of the ~2000 startups from the top USA incubators we analyzed, about 15% have now more than 20 employees

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