Why use eCairn for social media intelligence

Is possible many of you have stumbled into many social media marketing tools that offer to track influencers, audit your brand, do competitive research and share content among other things. Perhaps you have heard of Sysomos, Radian6, Klout and traakr.

Our key differentiation is we group people with common interests that talk and share content around an specific topic. We call them tribes. And we calculate influence within these specific ‘topic’ tribes. Because hey, one mommy blogger can influence million moms in America, but can you tell which blogger is influencing who, where and what content in more appealing to a group of listeners? Also, influence is dynamic. And when you put all mommy bloggers together you can compare apples to apples, and be confident you’re listening to the mommy rock stars at that point in time.

We have helped many American and international corporations with over 30 different use cases, enhancing monitoring their social media strategies. More typical uses involve:

* Downloading influencer lists by vertical
eCairn holds to date close to half a million influencers across 900 different tribes. Search a specific term within the tribes and download only what matters to you.

eCairn Audience insights

For instance, search for mommy bloggers and other tribes who mention “changing diapers”. Explore conversations and identity people who can contribute growing your brand’s awareness -link building .
Changing diapers convs* Content research
With eCairn you can search for specific keywords across tens of million conversations daily, and discover hot topics among a community. Is a process of discovering, adapting, learning new trends (keywords) and building your themes, and discover again.
We offer a combination of automated reports and manually annotate conversations for sentiment analysis.

eCairn reports* Spy your competition
Analyzing your competitor’s social accounts is also part of what you can do with eCairn. Add your competitors social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) and learn about their SM strategy:
– Discover if they are offering deals, promoting hashtags, events, generating brand awareness

– Setup a theme to follow-up on competitor mentions and social mentions

– Listen to what matters on you mobile devices, subscribe to customized RSS feeds and integrate with Feedly or Zapier

– Study their SEO tactics, trace links and inbound marketing efforts

Share of Voice of social media tools sample.
Share of Voice of social media tools sample.

* Alerts
This feature can be configured to automatically post on your own social media account, email forward, or exporting data to a your Google docs. Simply configure a keywords of your interest. It can be brands, product names, twitter mentions (i.e. @ecairn, #ecairn), competitors. And the digest can be check on your laptop or mobile devices.

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