Top 3000 Social Media Influencers: Graph and Observations

We used  to publish (back in 2008)  the Top 500 Social Media Influencers (  and  as many people were publishing  similar rankings  ….. we stopped. Beside getting a burst of traffic, there was no real value in publishing this over and over.

But today, we’re coming back with something different: The Map of the Social Media Marketing Influencers (see this as the combined social graph).

In this map: Each node is a person (present in multiple platforms: blogs, twitter…) and each link shows “use of content” i.e its content has been re tweeted, replied to, linked back or she/he/it  has been mentioned in a blogroll by another influencer.

This is not a follower map but a “use of content” map, which to us is the best metric for influence.

Marketing (Social)6

Overall a pretty connected set of people. The graph is optimized to show only most significant connections, otherwise we won’t see anything. What I find really amazing is that one of the few picture you spot right off the bat is Seth Godin’s forehead. Talking about “purple cows“….

Diving deeper:

Here is a zoom on the top ones (i.e the one whose influence is at least a 1/5th of the #1).


The major changes we see from the past is the rise of  vendors (Hubspot, Buffer… ok not eCairn 😉 ) , some (rare) agencies, and a few magazines.

Beside that, the individual influencers  are pretty much the same. It’s a full time job to be a top worldwide influencer in Social and few people have retired at this stage.

Before closing on this, I’d like to share with you Jeremy Owyang “relevant Social Graph” in social media.


What I find interesting in this graph is that:

  • Among the top 3000 Social Media Influencers, 94 of them engaged (i.e not follow), with Jeremy in the last 6 months. It’s quite impressive.
  • The graph is very dense so there is a lot going on amongst the people engaging with him.

The full engagement & followers graph of the top 50 would look like this.

If you find someone who can read it, send us a note 😉

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