New Year Resolution

I don’t make new year’s resolutions.
But I know lots of people do. Or do they really?

At least, very few people talk about them in social.

We found 15440 ‘New Year’s resolution’ conversations among the 30 millions blog posts from the 400k influencers that we have archived in our database. Even if we zoom in on the new year period, between Dec 15th when the first conversations took place until now, less than 1% of the influencers’ posts talk about New Year’s resolutions.
If we compare with conversations on ‘christmas gift’, we see a 1/10 ratio between both topics.

NY Resolution Trend

As expected, the peak is on January 1st. And another peak on January 6th (more social activity on Monday ;-)!

More interesting is where people are talking about new year’s resolutions (based on eCairn’s model of breaking down social media into tribes):

  • Productivity and Personal Development top the chart.
  • Fitness and Nutrition come in second.
  • Then come Minimalist, Public Speaking, Emailing, Diet tribes
  • Further down are Moms, Dating, and Leadership (not shown in the chart)

Top Tribe NY Resolution

Now if we focus exclusively on a vertical, such as sports, the percentages drop a lot and show significant differences between tribes:

  • Running is 4x biking, to pick 2 of the most popular tribes.

Top Tribe NY Resolution Sports

In running, conversations about new year’s resolutions are centered on:

  • Goals for 2014
  • Weight loss
  • Health and Nutrition

NY reso running word cloud

In productivity, the conversations are also about goals, with weight loss being a top one, but with a different spin:

  • Plan and achieve goals
  • Setting new habits

NY reso productivity word cloud

Bottom line, new year’s resolutions are a lot about weight loss but different groups of people talk about it differently based on their personal interests.

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