Boosting Engagement by selecting members (Burger King Norway example)

This initiative from Burger King Norway (and the Agency, DIST) is very interesting:

They have asked their fans to select between a free Big Mac (yes From McDonald’s) or to like their page and stay one of their fan.

This is awesome. People and Brands usually forget that a community needs to be glued on a shared purpose and that the side effect of this is that someone (the organizer) defines the criteria for who is IN and who is OUT.

At the beginning of social media, many brands behaved like marketing was dead and since they were at a click away of a Billion people, they should just go for it and build massive follower-ship & fan base.

Not so fast… The result is disastrous engagement rate and many many brand pages that looks like a Corporate push in the void.

I don’t know whether the Burger King initiative will be followed by many others but this is a clear sign that volume alone is not the appropriate metrics for success in social.

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