Is Running a good Business for Disney?

For those who love Disney and Running, there’s a solution: runDisney.

What a smart move from a brand that aims to offer happy vacations to busy people around the USA. Obviously, the past 20 years have seen an explosion of  running races and marathons, the holy grails of every runner, are in very high demand. People fly to Boston, New York and other faraway destinations thus taking a toll on their precious vacations which is also what Disney is after. runDisney seems like the perfect compromise for those wanting to kill two birds with one stone by mixing family fun and running vacations.

Now the question is: “Does it work”? The runDisney website shows a healthy calendar of races and they seem quite popular.
More interesting, it’s also storming all over social. Below is a comparison of runDisney’s volume of mentions against some of the top running shoes brands

runDisney PierunDisney trendNote that the peak of late October is the announcement of #winedinehalfmeetup. Good social move on runDisney’s part.

The charts above shows great social media success and if we look under the cover, we see that there’s a core network of influencers within the english speaking running community who are into runDisney and are extremely interconnected with each other:

runDisney influ map(on the graph above, each node is an influencer and a link is a cross reference between 2 influencers through social)

Here’s the top 10 out of 100+:
runDisney influencers
Bottom line:
– runDisney is quite an innovative ‘product’
– it’s very popular (and I’m sure it makes lots of $$ for Disney directly or indirectly at a time when there’s a lot of competition for our precious and scarce vacation days)
– social media and a core set of tightly interconnected influencers are there to spread the message.

If you target one of the events, don’t lose your shoes; there’s just one Cinderella in the world of Disney and barefoot running won’t be enough to displace her:

Barefoot vs runDisney SoVThe chart above clearly shows that barefoot running, the orange line, is losing popularity.

And if eCairn’s running community of 4000+ influencers isn’t enough to prove the point, look at the Google trend below:
(at the same time, notice that the barefoot trend is still above the runDisney one, which is different in the running community: Trends start first where its the most relevant)

google trend rundisney

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