eCairn Conversation™ Updated

We are pleased to inform you that eCairn Conversation™ has been updated with new and improved features:

  • Reach measures the direct audience of influencers:
    • Global reach= 4 different reach levels: Top, High, Medium and Low
      Can now be used in conjunction with the influence and relevance criteria to get the full picture on one or more influencers:
    • Social Network reach= Provides individualized data on a per social network basis:
    • Filtering and sorting by reach is now available (in addition to relevance and influence)
      – By Global Reach level
      – By individual social networks.
  • Neighborhood Mapping allows you to explore and monitor the neighborhood of a small number of people.
    The typical use case is to understand and measure the buzz created in the neighborhood of your ambassadors or the 50 influencers speaking at your event:
    – Know who is part of their neighborhood
    – Monitor what’s important for you
    – Identify new potential ambassador/invitees.
  • Expression Explorer has also been updated to make hashtags more prominent when scoring expression extracted from a group of conversations.
  • Influence scoring updated to rank seamlessly “mavens” (the ones who produce content and spearhead ideas) and “connectors” (the ones who spread them).

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