3 Techniques to Get More Value from your Corporate Blog


Corporate blogs are the most important social media service, according to a Hubspot study. Yet, there are still many ways companies can improve the impact of their blogs, beside writing top notch content.

1- Invite guest bloggers:

One of the risks for Corporate blogs is “isolation”. We see many companies investing in building great blogs but their content is never reused/linked to by other bloggers in their vertical.

Inviting prominent guest bloggers is a great win/win. The blogger gains authority from the brand and the brand gains authenticity from the blogger and visibility from their network.

Pick bloggers carefully: ones that are both influential, independent and not “professional guest bloggers”. Below is the graph of Top Social Media Influencers who wrote about… Corporate blogging recently:


2- Make citations:

While writing your content, always refer to influencers in the field of interest who have expressed opinions on the same topic. Make citations, send “link love” and let them know about it (a tweet or a message in Facebook/Linkedin should do it).

Influencers who are mentioned in your article will retweet, drive their audience to your content and… make you closer to “the family”, the tribe.

3- Select your topics by listening to bloggers in your domain:

This increases your chances to get read and also makes it easier to do #2.

eCairn Expression Explorer cloud on corporate blogging

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Try these techniques, and come back with comments ;-)!


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