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           We are living the age of social media. While baby boomers try to get familiar with all the social networks surrounding them, and the changes that they cause on the structure of relationships, generation Y just embraces them. They were born in this era, and for them that is just the way that things are meant to be.

            With that said, we could assume that boomers are much less active on social media than young adults. That is where things get interesting. Looking at the chart below, we see that baby boomers have generated many more conversations than generation Y during the last six months.


             Now, you may ask yourself how many conversations out of these thousands linked out to a different social media platform. We found out that 10% of the blogposts published in the last six months by influencers in the Generation Y community have a link to a different platform. The percentage is very similar in the Baby Boomers community, 8%. Here is the total of links to each platform:



– There are more links to Twitter than to Facebook in Generation Y.

– Linkedin is almost completely eclipsed by the other platforms in both communities.

– Very few baby boomers link to Instagram.

            We also found out that 22% of the conversations generated by influencers in the Generation Y community had a link to WordPress or Blogspot. The number is much smaller in the Baby Boomer tribe, 9%. Both tribes show a higher number of links to blogs than to all the other platforms combined.


         Influencers from all ages are actively using social media to communicate and propagate their ideas. Bloggers often link to other platforms. If we consider that the number of outbound links to each of them is an indication of their familiarity with them, we can conclude that baby boomers are not too familiar with Instagram, for instance.

            From a marketing standpoint, understanding how influencers use the tools available to them, and how they build their relationships through social media is crucial. Attention should also be given to the power of the strong bonds between influencers in the blogosphere.  Bloggers talk to each other constantly; they rely on each other, and they help each other. In this environment, identifying the right influencers to engage may be the first step to a successful campaign.


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  1. Enjoyed seeing this post. As a company that works with those Baby Boomers you mentioned above (the ones blogging and talking and posting and tweeting) its nice to see your research directly supporting our experience. There is a high level of engagement and online conversation in that 50+ group – much more than traditional media and articles would lead you to believe. They are also just as active on social channels as other generations. Which, as I like to say, shouldn’t surprise anyone, since we invented it! 🙂

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