The Vintage Trend

VINTAGE. If you live on planet Earth, there is no way that you have not heard about this trend. Clothing, furniture, music–everything seems fit to carry a sense of nostalgia. However, be prepared to pay extra bucks whether what you covet is old or just looks old. In second hand stores and hip boutiques alike, the price tag on vintage items is salty.
Every day, hundreds of conversations on Vintage pop up in eCairn’s database, especially in the Fashion Community. As you can see in the chart below, most of the influencers in this community talk about all sort of fashion related matters, and few influencers are specialized in certain trends.

    *Total of influencers in the Fashion Community: 6404

Vintage is the second largest community among the fashionistas, just behind Plus Size. What is most incredible: it is twice as big as the Bag community! Weren’t bags women’s best friends along with shoes? Well, apparently, grandma’s clutches are more popular than laptop sleeves, nowadays.

According to this article published last year by Forbes, references to the 1920s in the retro trend are no coincidence. The decade was a sparkling one, with the end of the First World War, and rapid economic growth. Moreover, those years were marked by the conquest of many rights and roles in society for women. The trend would be a way “to keep this spirit alive”, then.

The retro trend can also be seen in the Interior Design community. Out of the 2423 influencers, 214 talk almost exclusively about Vintage. This represents almost 9% of the influencers. None of the other styles come close to enjoying as much share of mind in the community.

For those who do not like vintage, there is still a good reason to catch up on the trend. People are making money taking their old stuff out of the boxes and selling it. There were 269 conversations on Flea Markets in the Interior Design – Vintage community in the last six months. Your Spring break money may be hidden in your attic.

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