The Facets of the Moms Community


eCairn has recently surpassed the 13k sources mapped in the Moms community. Mapping communities in social media is always a great sociological experience. Understanding people’s interest, their similarities, and their behavior is one of the things we do best. Despite the saying that moms are all the same, we have learned in the past years that they have many facets, and we identified 14 of them in our database so far.

The traditional interests shared by moms are still there. They still talk about things like sewing, quilting, craft, coupons, and homeschooling. However, we can see more and more moms devoting their time to things like technology and photography. The changes in their lifestyle are also remarkable:

  • Mommy Eco-Conscious community – 885 sources
  • Mommy Fitness community – 1090 sources
  • Mommy Frugal Lifestyle community – 734 sources
  • Single Moms community – 299 sources

Summed, the total of influencers in the Moms community talking about new trends is more than 3k. Still, when we extract the most popular expressions from the overall community, we see no changes on what really matters to moms.


They are also strongly connected by their common interests, as we can see in the overall network of the Moms community.


Moms are not the same, but every day thousands of them are using the social media to integrate with their peers, and exchange experiences. Even those who are talking about old-fashion things use social networks as a channel. They form a powerful and well-connected community that can rapidly spread the news for good or for worse. How to use this is up to the brands.



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