Local interests in a global world

Recently, we ran a series of tests on sample tribes in all the languages supported by the eCairn Expressions Explorer (English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish) to make the results it returns even better. When it came to the tests for Portuguese, we drew on similar tribes from Brazil and from Portugal to make sure our changes would benefit both flavors of the Portuguese language.

We looked at such tribes as Automóveis, Beleza, Comunicação e Marketing, etc., where we expected to find differences in the language, but not too much on the content, considering that the topic broached in each pair of tribes was essentially the same. However, the differences we found in the most popular expressions used in the Travel (Viagem) communities from the two countries caught our attention.

Nowhere else more than in Travel communities did we expect to find mentions of places from all over the world. As it turns out, Portuguese travel bloggers mostly talk about Portuguese cities and regions, while Brazilian travel bloggers focus on Brazil and the Americas.

In the top 50 expressions used by the Brazilian influencers in our Travel community (not all expressions are represented in the cloud), mentions of geographical places include:

  • the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Foz do Iguaçu,
  • the names of the Argentinian and French capitals (Buenos Aires and Paris — the only location outside the Americas),
  • the South American continent (América do Sul),
  • the countries of Brazil (Brasil) and the USA (Estados Unidos),
  • and the world (mundo).
Top expressions from the Brazilian travel community, by eCairn
Top expressions from the Brazilian Travel community

Mentions of geographical places by the Portuguese influencers, on the other hand, include:

  • the Portuguese cities Porto and Vila Real,
  • the Portuguese province of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro,
  • the Way of St James, which ends in neighboring Spain’s Santiago de Compostela (Caminho de Santiago),
  • the name of the country and the corresponding adjective (Portugal, portuguesa),
  • and the terms mundo (world) and património mundial (world heritage).
Top expressions from the Portuguese Travel community, by eCairn
Top expressions from the Portuguese Travel community

If we add the currencies in which each tribe expresses prices (r$, euros) to the various destinations mentioned, we end up with two pretty contrasted pictures of the talk by the lusophone travel bloggers from each side of the Atlantic.

With the worldwide availability of flights and telecommunications, we may well live in a global world, but it looks like local markets are indeed very much alive.

Top expressions from the Brazilian travel community, by eCairn

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