Twinkies for Thanksgiving?

Will Twinkies make their way on to American dinner tables this Thanksgiving? A quick look at our Food community shows that Twinkies have indeed become a hot topic among foodies in the past couple of days, following the announcement that Hostess Brands was filing for bankruptcy and shutting down.

The traditional pumpkin pie seems to be a clear dessert-time favorite, considering the volume of conversations in which it is mentioned. Surprisingly, though, the other staple of Thanksgiving sweets, the pecan pie, finds itself (almost) overshadowed by Twinkies!

twinkies vs pecan pie vs pumpkin pie
Share of voice for Twinkies vs pecan pies vs pumpkin pies (Nov 3 – Nov 18, 2012)

Only one high influencer mentions Twinkies (in just one conversation), the rest of the mentions coming from the long tail. More traditional Thanksgiving fare is discussed by a larger number of high and medium influencers, guaranteeing a broader audience within the community.

Top influencers mentioning Twinkies, by eCairn
Top foodies mentioning Twinkies (Nov 3 – Nov 18, 2012)

Does that mean that this trend will be short lived? In any case, it is interesting that Twinkies should generate so much volume of conversations and be so popular in the tribe without being carried by the top influencers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

twinkies vs pecan pie vs pumpkin pie

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