International Tech Blogger Event (Co-hosted by eCairn!)

It’s been hard to keep it on the down low, but we’re finally ready to announce our co-hosted international tech blogger event with Orange. If you didn’t know, Orange is based in France and the UK and is the leading telecom provider for most multinational companies. This year, they’re sending an elite team of bloggers on an expedition to the Silicon Valley to learn about the valley’s culture of innovation.

It’s only 12 more days away from the Orange International Blogger Day in San Francisco. We’ll have free food, live tech demos and ample time for networking. It’s going to be a chance for the international bloggers to learn what life and innovation is like in our unique Silicon Valley ecology. Likewise, it’s a chance for Silicon Valley bloggers to learn about what it’s like in countries like the UK, France, China, Australia, Finland and Romania.

Orange International Blogger DayInterested in joining the bloggers come September 17th?
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This event kicks off the Orange Blogger Bus Tour, an event organized by the brilliant teams at Orange to help bridge the major tech centers of the world and their global audience through blogging. This elite team will share their experiences every step of the way, allowing their audience of millions an inside look. In the past, the team has visited the centers of tech industries in places like China,  the Netherlands, Barcelona, and much more.

Orange is in the process of planning their trip to Paris next year, but for now, all attention is on the upcoming San Francisco trip, where they will then take a tour south to the Silicon Valley, visiting emerging start-ups to market leaders such as Adobe end Eventbrite.

The goal of this trip is also to get a real feel of the Valley, and see what kind of people are behind the latest gadgets and applications that have become part of our everyday lives. —Edouard Austin

Check out these two videos by Yann Gourvenec (fellow blogger and organizer for the event), where he talks about his expectations for September 17th.

So again, if you’re a tech blogger, or even a blogger who happens to touch on the lifestyle and culture of the silicon valley quite often, consider dropping by. It behooves us to greet the bloggers on their expedition with a warm welcome and share with them our unique points of view.

If you’re a blogger, you know that blogging is here to stay and that it highly affects the ecology of the businesses around it. This is a chance to make an impact on the perception of what others have deemed the capital of innovation in our day and age.

International bloggers en route to San Francisco!

Orange International Blogger Day

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