How to write a successful Facebook Post: a lesson from Asics America!

Getting engaging content in Facebook Timeline is still something that social media marketing specialists are struggling with.

As part of our analysis of successful brands on Facebook, we would like to share this example taken from the Asics America timeline (note that Asics America is not an eCairn client).

asics fb trend

Over the month of July, most of what they have published got about a dozen of comments at most… until July 31th (the spike on the graph above), when they asked this question:

This post has all the ingredients for success:

  • it is visual,
  • it is short,
  • it contains an open question that is easy to answer (4 options),
  • it is directed at a broad yet specific target audience (ladies),
  • it appeals to people’s subjectivity (preferences),
  • and… it features nice looking shoes.

And very successful it is! At the time of writing, it had generated close to 4000 comments! It is interesting to notice that it got more comments than likes.

By the way, you may want to know which shoe won the contest: A / Pink is the clear winner.

asics fb trend

One thought on “How to write a successful Facebook Post: a lesson from Asics America!

  1. Cool post! One thing I’m running into, is that FB doesn’t let you post an image with a poll. So posting a ‘multiple choice image’ like the Asics one above, will have you counting results of the question by counting the choices in the comments, which his way too much work. Is there an easier way to get the results, that you know of? Thanks!

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