New: eCairn Conversation™ for German Social Media Sphere

eCairn Conversation™ has completed another step towards mapping the social web: It now covers 34 German-speaking communities with more than 10k influencers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg.

The list of German-speaking communities includes categories such as:

eCairn maps the social web
eCairn maps the social web. New: German-speaking communities
  • cars (just think of Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche…)
  • beauty and fashion
  • economy
  • moms
  • environment
  • soccer etc.

Germans are known to be comparatively hesitant about sharing personal information online. Facebook statistics by country shows that this is not just a rumor:

There are about 157m Facebook accounts in the U.S., making it the largest Facebook community in the world by far. Germans have about 24m Facebook accounts overall which makes the country #10 in the ranking. To put these numbers in perspective – in terms of accounts per head the U.S. has a Facebook penetration of 50.55 % (#23) and Germany 28.79% (#91).

A comparison of the Facebook and Twitter accounts in the U.S. and German communities detected by eCairn Conversation™ supports these findings: In the U.S. communities we detect that 50 to 60 percent of all influencers have active Facebook profiles or pages. About 50 to 65 percent of them actively use Twitter. In the German communities the number of influencers with Facebook (40 to 50 percent) and Twitter accounts (20 to 40 percent) are noticeably smaller.

However, the German social media community is growing and of increasing significance, within and outside of Germany. eCairn Conversation™ can help you find the most connected German influencers in your area of business easily.

eCairn maps the social web

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