eCairn Conversation™ Updated

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that eCairn Conversation™ has been improved with numerous new and updated features.
The benefits our users have been experiencing with blogs for several years are now available on Twitter and Facebook and they are now available through a brand new Influencer-centric interface.
More than ever, eCairn is the most powerful solution to find and work with influencers.

Here’s a short video about it

In this update, you get:

  • A completely revamped influencer-centric community tab so that you can:
    • Browse at a glance your favorite influencers.
    • Research influencers across multiple parameters such as influence rank, relevance, location, social networks and more.
    • Identify relevant influencers in a few clicks thanks to enhanced filtering options, located in the left bar.

As this is a major user experience leap, we’ve kept the existing UI which is accessible through the Source button located above the list.

  • Real time Twitter Firehose so that you can:
    • Follow and Research community and influencers twitterstreams with access to full twitter firehose (1 month tweet history):
      • Visualize trends & sentiment for your brand and competitors.
      • Analyze the river of tweets in one click to understand the chatter.
    • Engage your favorite influencers across blog posts and tweets and track your engagement.
    • Understand the Influencers’ Twitter interconnections.

  • New Facebook Page analytics:
    • Benchmark your pages’ engagement against your industry competitors.
    • Understand how content impacts engagement with post by post analysis.
  • One stop status monitoring of your listening, outreach and research projects with Improved Dashboard and Reporting.
  • Manage large deployments with Improved Role Based Administration.

Last, eCairn built-in directory now spans 427 communities and 211k influencers across various countries from Americas and Europe.

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