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“Resonance is a result of reach and relevance and determines how long something stays alive in the stream before attention dissipates.” –Brian Solis (The Rise of Digital Influence, 2012)

In Brian Solis‘s new report, “The Rise of Digital Influence“, he sheds new light into the realm of influence. As one of the hottest trends in social media, influencer marketing is often misunderstood. The constantly evolving landscape makes it difficult for companies to find points of engagement in the social web, but at this time we seem to have reached a renaissance era in digital influence and engagement. As Brian Solis states, “The problem is that many companies are looking at influence backwards, unknowingly or lazily relying on scores rather than understanding how influence is actually created and used.”

The core of Brian Solis’s report focuses on the problem of misinterpreting the various influence scores and assuming that a score is enough of an indicator to evaluate engagement decisions. Brian states that at a minimum, these scores represent social capital, which arises out of many varying factors.

As an enterprise or agency seeking to target influencers you must identify people who will give your content and messages resonance. Resonance is defined by Brian as the “duration, rate and level of interactivity” around your content. Resonance dictates how many people will see your content/message and how long it will stay in their minds.

Interest Graph showing Brian Solis’s reach within his closest peers.

Resonance arises through the other pillars of influence, reach and relevance. You can read more about the pillars in David Armano’s post here or in our subsequent post here. In eCairn, we identify the reach of influencers through the number of followers, their level of connectivity with their peers and the unique visits to their website. In addition to reach, eCairn captures relevance by looking at communities by vertical and spotting the tribes and clusters of influencers who have their own niche within larger communities.

Social Graph of a small excerpt of the Music Community. Notice the colored clusters designating sub-communities/tribes.

Brian references several services that attempt to score influence, but the problem is that they only seek to measure reach or relevance, not resonance. Reach and relevance determine resonance, which (as Brian states) is the true measurement we need to make engagement decisions.

The benefit of eCairn is that we identify people who can provide you resonance in an efficient and focused manner. Through discovering the level of connectivity and activity of person in his/her community, we help you target by reach. Through analyzing the expressions and relationships of a person against those of his/her peers, we help you target by relevance. By being noiseless and letting the natural order of the social web filter out the noise, we save you time in your targeting effort and allow you to spend your energy doing engagement. And by allowing you to zoom into the social web from various levels (social web, community, tribe, influencer) we allow you to vary the scope of your target community to suit your campaign needs.

If you want to successfully target influencers worth engaging, eCairn provides the tools necessary to identify those with the social capital to provide resonance to content, messages and conversations you want to deliver to your audience and then track and manage your engagement in an integrated relationship management system.

You can read more in the report below:

The Rise of Digital Influence[slideshare id=12083493&w=477&h=510&sc=no]

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