Top 5 2011 Conferences for Social Media

Marketing conferences give the pulse of what’s going on in the industry.  They update you on what you missed during the year and help you identify what you should tell your customers. For others, those events elevate the channel over the objective.

We would love to go to all of them but it has become impossible as there are too many and we’re all too busy.

So we need to pick the right one. Social Media can provide an unbiased insight into the popularity and nature of each of them.

We ranked the following conferences by volume of conversations:

  1. SXSW
  2. Blogworld
  3. Womma
  4. LeWeb
  5. Pivot

Our analytics are based on the last 6 months of conversations produced by the top 2000+ influencers in Social Media (english speaking). Therefore the bulk of conversations from SXSW show in March 2011 does not count in this analysis. SXSW is ranked number one by a long shot.

Here are the important dates:

  • August 16th, 2011: grand opening of SXSW PANELPICKER 2012 (the event is held in March)
  • Sept 22nd, 2011: WOMMA Talkable Brands Exchange
  • October 17-18th, 2011: Pivot 2011
  • Nov 16-18th, 2011: WOMMA Summit 2011
  • Nov 3-5tth, 2011: BlogWorld LA 2011
  • Dec 7-9th, 2011: LeWeb 2011

Below are the word clouds featuring the top 50 expressions used when one of the conference is mentioned. Click to zoom in:

The text version of those expression clouds is available below, where I highlighted a few expressions to see how the keywords are ranked. The ones on the top of the list have high occurrence.

A couple of interesting notes by looking at how expressions rank for each conference (one color per expression):

  • ‘Social Media’ (obviously), ‘Marketing’ (obviously) and ‘Business’ appear at the top of everyone’s concerns.
  • ‘Brands’ issues are a top priority for Pivot attendees.
  • Platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook,…) are not a primary concern for Blogworld people but rank fairly high among LeWeb attendees.
  • ‘Influence’ is only discussed by people mentioning Pivot.
  • ‘ROI’ & ‘Measurement’ are only talked about at WOMMA.







1 social media social media social media social media social media
2 blogworld & new media expo marketing sxsw social word of mouth
3 blogworld pivot conference year new word of mouth marketing
4 blog rise of the social consumer new company womma
5 new media expo social consumer marketing social networks word of mouth marketing association
6 time brands time leweb marketing
7 marketing social advertising south by southwest facebook social media marketing
8 new business work marketing brand
9 social media marketing consumers help twitter community manager
10 los angeles social networks business le web social media monitoring
11 business new brand web public relations
12 content social media marketing event social business business
13 year brian solis company google social media policy
14 expo in los angeles new york world business new
15 conference facebook share climb the social business hierarchy womma summit
16 blogworld expo time social networks time share
17 new york advertising social media marketing app code of ethics
18 event networks twitter year time
19 video year content brands companies
20 social networks social marketing conference social business hierarchy social networks
21 share work blog content facebook
22 work twitter panel share help
23 company customers create users social media roi
24 brand trends in social advertising survey day social media marketing work
25 help content well social media crises blog
26 bloggers state of social facebook blog social media week
27 world companies great work customers
28 great share new york report social media measurement
29 social media business summit engagement ideas change best practices
30 well week online discusses best
31 blogworld expo in los angeles steve jobs customers george colony measurement
32 qr codes change comments social media club manager
33 week ad connect conference community
34 online state of social marketing community show twitter
35 social media club new york city san francisco well video
36 day digital vote social media in europe online
37 presentation products and services presentation video womma summit 2011
38 expo experience new york times world social media today
39 twitter influence sxsw interactive services provide
40 san francisco world network jeremiah owyang engagement

Well, if you are interest in social media ROI or ROI Measurement discussions, WOMMA is probably your conference.

Contact us with your interest and we’ll look up which conference you should spend your time in:

How will you pick a conference in 2012?

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