Halloween Surprise: Death rate in the blogosphere

“I removed a bunch of links from my blogroll just right now. All of them are dead…”

“Too many blogrolls are filled with outdated, broken links…”

How often do you click on a link to end up on a blog that hasn’t shown any sign of life for years?
It happens to me all the time when I surf blogs. I call them ghosts.

The blogosphere is a living organism where birth and death happen all the time. For long, I’ve been wondering about the life expectancy and death rate of blogs.

So much about life expectancy; but, thanks to the on-going maintenance of eCairn’s directory of influencers, on Halloween day, I have numbers to share with you on the latter:

  ~24% yearly death rate

Out of 43955 blogs processed over a period of 3 months, we found 2600 dead blogs. By “dead blogs”, we mean blogs that have stopped posting at least 6 months back.

Not surprisingly, the death rate depends on the category; looking at our 330 categories, we found:

  • The Best (lower death rate):
    • Beauty-nails: 8% (off topic, as seen in a previous post, the nails tribe is healthy)
    • Wedding: 9%
    • Travel: 10%
  • The Worst:
    • Books: 48%
    • Music: 40%
    • Food: 32%

Will those blogs rise from the dead?

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