You Can Get an Edge From Understanding the Mommy Tribe

Mommy bloggers form a large tribe.  How many are there out there?  Hard to say, but it’s definitely somewhere between 10 thousand and 100 thousand just in the US.

All Mommy bloggers aren’t the same, though.  The only thing they have in common are kids and a passion for blogging/Twitter/Facebook.  Some cover fashion and style, some home and family, and some are very commercial with coupons and special offers. It’s a bit of a jungle from outside.


We’ve researched this tribe often and I wanted to illustrate how to go about finding relevant mommy bloggers  in this tribe.

Challenge: One of my customers is a large home improvement chain. They want to target mommies who are interested in deco.

As I enter the Mommy Tribe using eCairn Conversation™, I see that there are 4 well-defined clusters (red, blue, purple and orange).  Clusters are a visual representation of the interconnectedness within a tribe, some are more connected to each other than to the rest, just like in this post.

We are going to do something similar to Dominique’s presentation at Mediabistro on ‘how to find influencers’.  My goal is to find mommy influencers who talk about deco and understand what they are talking about.  I extracted the multi-word expressions and we can see what each cluster is talking about.

The red cluster shows mommies who are primarily talking about deals, coupons, reviews, and giveaways.

The orange cluster is centered around mommies who are sharing their experience with ‘Jewels’ and family values.

The purple cluster is focused on tweeting, creative things for children to do such as painting, photography, and imagination.

The light blue cluster focuses on mommies who want to decorate their homes, and create projects.  Many of the keywords revolve around renovation, inspiration and are very visual. This is the cluster I would like to look at for my customer.

Good, we got a few hints on the structure of this tribe in order to:

  • Customize the approach for each group. Clearly, sending a discount offer to the blue group is doomed to fail.
  • Develop different activity depending on the level of influence. Don’t send a lame pitch to the biggest influencers; they get so many. Instead, think about something that they would be happy to write about because it’s relevant to their readers. Invite them to an event, create a custom program where they can contribute and show their contribution afterwards in their blog.

I would suggest to the home improvement agency to:

  • Send a special coupon/offer for home deco to the mommies talking about “coupons”
  • Create a virtual room where the client can invite select deco mommy bloggers to decorate it and have a contest to pick the best one in different categories such as “most glamorous”, ” most stylish”, “most eco-friendly” and so on.
Now you can understand mommy bloggers better than your competitor!

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