News: eCairn Conversation™ Updated

Today we’re very excited to announce that eCairn Conversation™ has been improved with several new and updated features.
Now, eCairn is an even more powerful solution for your community and influencers marketing activities.

With this new release, you get:

  • Community Tab
    • Range has replaced Page to allow you to select any range of influencers in the source list (i.e: x to z)
    • Network view has now a “Top Links” button to filter the most relevant links between nodes
      • “Top Links” is activated by default when you view more than 500 nodes.
  • Conversations Tab:

    • You can now view up to 3 topics on one graph.
  • Added 35 UK based communities to the list of prebuilt communities
  • Additional improvements:
    • Improved social network detection rate by 15%
    • Hard limit on the maximum number of sources in one given project (10k)
    • Misc. performance improvements

Watch those features in action in the video below:


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