Socialcohol Media – for #Beer, #Wine and #Liquor lovers

Tagging along with previous analysis of social media Tribes and Influencers (here, here and there), we looked this time at the socialcohol ecosystem ;-).

Even if the wine & alcohol industry is highly restricted and social media has its set of challenges, matters like beer, wine and liquor generate quite a bit of conversations from the virtual streets.

Here, we pulled 200 influencers from our existing communities of English speaking influencers (~1500 for wine, ~1000 for beers and ~500 for liquor) to create our own cocktail of the tops.

Who’s who (i.e: the top 20):

Url Title Beer, Wine or Liquor? Brookston Beer Bulletin | Jay R. Brooks on Beer Beer Good Grape: A Wine Blog Manifesto Wine Liquor News on Food, Wine, Restaurants and Recipes – Diner’s Journal Blog – Wine Seen Through a Glass Beer Pencil and Spoon Beer The Beer Nut Beer Catavino | Spanish wine, Portuguese wine, and a whole lot more Wine Art of Drink :: Exploring the World of Drinks Liquor Drink With The Wench | Drinking through the world, one beer at a time. Beer Wine Spectator Home | Wine Spectator Wine Mutineer Magazine Wine Trader Tiki’s Exotic Syrups, Bitters and Spirits Liquor — Rum, Cocktails, & Mixology Liquor Super Award Winning Wines Wine Good Wine Under $20 Wine Wannabe Wino Wine Blog Wine The Pegu Blog Liquor Through The Walla Walla Grape Vine™ Wine PALATE PRESS Wine

Network map: Green=Beer, Red=Wine, Blue=Liquor.
All 3 communities stay separate though they are quite interconnected with each other. It’s interesting to observe that the ‘whiskey influencers’ (purple) act as a bridge between the 3.

Where are they (US only):

Beer (left): Higher density in the mid-west/colorado compared to wine and liquor. Colorado is a major beer state.
Wine (right): Along the coasts, low density in the midwest/mountain states. It mimics the producer/consumer paradigm for wine.
Liquor (bottom): Along the coasts in urban locations. May be an influence of the night life difference between cities and countryside.

25 thoughts on “Socialcohol Media – for #Beer, #Wine and #Liquor lovers

  1. Great stuff. I am someone in the wine community currently trying to do more research on this exact thing. Can you point me to a post that describes how this was created? Interesting stuff, would love to talk more abou it.


  2. Very interesting information. The images are a great way to show market demand. This would have been priceless information to companies in the 80s and 90s. It’s amazing how easy it is to acquire the information we need these days. A report like this would have cost thousands to recreate in the 80s.

  3. Great blog, this is really helpful to those who are in wine industry. Business is more easy with this reference. This site is very informative for a person like me. Hope to read more stuffs and i do hope you give us more websites for reference.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information. I think you did a lot of research to about the sites. This is helpful for those people who are interested in wines and liquors.

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