Mommy bloggers love Twitter and Valentine’s

Mommy Bloggers love Twitter.

Looking at our pool of 200+ community of influencers, we were wondering which one would won the Twitter race (i.e: which community shows the larger usage of Twitter based on % of twitter account detected from the influencers’ blogs we store in our db).

Excluding the Social Media Marketing community, Mommy bloggers come first with 82% of the top influencers having a Twitter account and tweeting and close to 70% for the overall community (we have close to 10000 mommy blogs in our db).

FYI, Social Media Marketing bloggers is 90% for the top and close to 70% for the overall community.

Mommy bloggers love Valentine’s

– Those days, Valentine’s come up first when we analyze mommy bloggers’ conversations (7% share of topic over the last month, 14% over the last week, 32% in the last 24 hours):

But Daddy bloggers also love Valentine’s day (share of topic is 6% over the last month, 11% over the last week):

However, comparing the nature of the conversations on the mommy side and daddy side leads to interesting insigths:

Mommies highlight and focus on the celebration and party side of Valentine.

Daddies appear to fish for gift ideas, associated cost and remind themselves of the date.

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