News: eCairn Conversation™ Updated

Today we’re very excited to announce that eCairn Conversation™ has been improved with several new and updated features.
Now, eCairn is an even more powerful solution for your community and influencers marketing activities.

With this new release, you get:

  • Community Tab
    • Now, Influencers can be viewed in 3 modes:
      • Community List View (already there and default one)
      • Network View (see connections, color influencers with topics)
      • *New* Geo-location View (see influencers on a world wide map)
  • Improved Twitter and Facebook profile detection
  • Added list of communities on Heathcare
    you can now import lists from a wide range of Healthcare topics – see our big list of lists here.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the importing of large lists

Learn more and register for a demo:

Watch those features in action in the video below:


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